Elementor #582

Do you find yourself running a square-peg business in a round-hole market place?

Are you running a startup, scale-up or a not-big-yet business?

Are you at a loss on how you can differentiate yourself in a crowded market and stand out?

Do you find it hard to determine the key business drivers, vital for your business growth?

Are you struggling to achieve a product/ market fit?

Do you struggle to design a business model that works for your customers and delivers on your bottom-line?

Do you experience the pressure of financing -the growth of- your business?

Do you find yourself distracted from long-term objectives to short-term gains impacting your company’s direction and focus?

41111 is passionate about creating profitable growth for not-big yet companies whether you are well established or when you’re a startup or a scale-up.

How we can help you



We define ourselves not as classical business advisors or consultants. People sometimes call what we do mentoring or coaching. You may label what we do anything you want.

Our one and only goal is to turn your business (idea) into a profitable company.

For that we cut through the bullshit quickly and ask the right questions. We invest with people, means and with our network to gain strategic insights, learn about your business and your customers. Our hands-on approach is about achieving tangible results through a repeatable sales model towards the end-goal: a business model that works and will help you grow and become successful.



We invest in Dutch food and beverage startups and scale-ups in combination with intensive business coaching, cooperation with relevant trading partners and an extensive network of experts.

To invest in innovative ideas and in the business growth of food startups and scale-ups with people and capital.

We have a passion for food and welcome ideas that disrupt the food industry and change how people eat and drink.

We offer formative financing (seed stage and early stage) to vetted companies to finance their business expansion; providing capital to initiate commercial production, marketing and sales.



We believe it’s vital to the success of your business to equip your team members with the strategic and tactical practices to help your company leverage success.

Our training courses are specifically designed for not-big-yet companies and geared to amplify business growth.

Learn how to forecast revenue and growth rates for your business.
Learn how to sell when you’re a startup or a scale-up, and how to manage all aspects of the sales process.

“A majority of startups fail because they fail to sell their product.”

Who we are?

Creative and curious minds, business strategists passionate for success, with a focus on sales and  marketing and experience in finance. Every day for almost 20 years, we wake up with the thought of making the world a little better, to help build and grow companies. We call Amsterdam our home, the Netherlands our backyard and work with ambitious Dutch and foreign not-big-yet companies.

startup, scale-up, ik wil groeien

“One reason 41111 was founded, was out of frustration. Frustration with the established consultancy industry that only describes the water whilst their customer is drowning.”

What’s in a name?


what: a number homophone (replace a word with the same pronunciation).

pronunciation: ‘for once’ (fɔr wʌns).

definition: this time, if at no other time, it’s your time.

why: every day for every not-big-yet business is an opportunity.

4+1+1+1+1: eight is the lucky number that represents wealth and riches.

4+1+1+1+1: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s all about teamwork.

“You should refuse to accept the failure narrative that it’s ok to fail. It’s our belief that any not-big-yet company, startups and scale-ups alike; should set out to be big from the beginning.”

Are you a struggling startup? Do you need access to support and resources to take the next step? Not big yet? Go ahead: contact us!